PropNetUSA to the Rescue
PropNetUSA to the Rescue

A government agency had let some individuals go just when they upgraded to a new software accounting package. Recently becoming short-staffed and with their remaining staff unfamiliar with the new software package, they needed someone who could hit the ground running.

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  Proposals—Back to the Basics How many times in competitions—sports and others—have you heard, "The

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PropNetUSA is on the winners list for CECOM’s $7 Billion IDIQ SSES NexGen contract!!     


SSES NexGen As a subcontractor to ManTech Sensor Technologies Inc., PropNetUSA has been included in the award of the $7 Billion IDIQ Software and Systems Engineering Support Next Generation (SSES NexGen) contract by Army Communications Electronics Command. This contract is for software support spanning all system lifecycle phases.

The three main mission areas include warfighter, business and logistics, and enterprise services. The SEC services are primarily needed for:rsz1 businessmen competition stance shutterstrock 28672222

  • Post-deployment and production software support
  • Weapon, business, and logistic system solutions
  • Net-centric data strategy
  • Worldwide software field support and software assurance
  • Enterprise software solutions and resource planning
  • Comprehensive security requirements
  • Web-based Design software sustainment
  • Business intelligence
  • Software development and testing facilities.