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  • I AM the best
    for your business!
    Hello I am Carla
    I provide people that enhance proposal
    teams for large and small corporations.
    Proposal Support
    Black Hat
  • A Little About Me
    My skill is knowing people - my passion is proposal support.
    Since 1988 corporations large and small rely on my 28+ years
    of proposal staffing expertise for the right person or team
    that enhances their proposal.
    • Proposal Manager
    • Volume Manager
    • Writer - Technical, Resume, etc.
    • Graphic Artist
    • Black Hat Reviewers
    • Orals Coach
    • And Many More
  • WE ARE the best for your business!
    Proposal Support
    Black Hat

My Pledge

"PropNetUSA is my reputation. . .
If you are pleased with my service, tell others, if not tell me & I will make it right"

Proposal Support

My proposal support experts are ready to make YOU look great at a moment’s notice. Let me ask you a question – Have you ever needed one highly skilled proposal editor, a manager to lead your in-house employees, a writer for compelling resumes of key personnel, a technical writer that can converse, understand, and translate your SME’s solution, an entire team with all of the above AND someone who personally knows each and every person – not just a database full of names, like my competitors. . . then I am the Agent for you! My proposal experts average 20 years’ experience in each of their individual specialties and are productive their very first day, guaranteed!

Black Hat

My Black Hat reviewers help you finalize your win strategies. They do that by translating what you know about the competition into action items. One set of action items from a Black Hat review relates to teaming. Which companies are strong where you are weak, or can show you who to take off the street by teaming with them. The Black Hat will help you assess this quantitatively, by showing the effect on evaluation scoring of different teaming scenarios. Therefore helping you look at things objectively by providing the means to rank and score the competition, instead of just guessing, the way most people (including your competitors) do.


My Orals Coach and Collaboration supporters can structure a repeatable process for developing your oral presentations. They do that by building your oral presentation slides with an outline mapped directly to the solicitation. Focusing the team on developing graphically driven slides – limiting the amount of text on any slide. Creating a script that focuses on two or three major messages in a cohesive and fact-based story. Focusing on the AFTER, that is, what your customer will come away with after your organization provides its services or delivers it products. Conducts coaching sessions with all members of the presentation including senior leadership, program managers, and technical personnel.